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World Equity Valuations by the Shiller PE Ratio

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC Stock market and investing has been gripping many young adults these days and the first thing that anybody entering investing learns of, is the price to earnings ratio or PE ratio. It is a preliminary criteria but it is not sufficient to take investment decisions on a standalone basis. However,...
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A Long-Term Care Primer: The Need and the LTCI Option

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA The baby boomer generation – defined by the Census Bureau as those born between 1946 and 1964 – is going to have a major impact on many aspects of the economy, but the most important will be health care. The oldest boomers are turning 65 this year. This cohort will...
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Why an Emerging Market Bubble May Be on the Horizon

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC In recent years, emerging markets have attracted significant attention and capital, neither of which was undeserved. First, they gained attention because they provided unique investment opportunities in developing countries with tremendous growth potential, unlike “stodgy” options such as the United States and the United Kingdom. Second, with the advent and...
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JSE Ltd.: South Africa’s Stock Exchange Ripe for Growth

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC JSE Ltd. (JSEJF.PK) Share price: R66.52* Intrinsic value: R114 Buy below: R79 Business Description and Background The JSE was established in 1897 and has grown to be Africa’s biggest and premier stock exchange. From a mutual association it has grown to become a listed entity and the 20th largest stock...
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eResearch Technology: Profiting From Healthcare Efficiency

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC eResearchTechnology: Investment Diagnosis Share Price: $6.12 Intrinsic Value: $7.05 Buy Below: $4.93 eResearchTechnology, Inc., (ERT) together with its subsidiaries, provides technology and service solutions that enable the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries to collect, interpret, and distribute cardiac safety and clinical data. The company’s cardiac safety products and service...
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Atrion: Medical Supply Company Is Poised to Benefit From an Aging Population

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC Share Price: $171.30 Intrinsic Value: $203.55 Buy Below: $142.48 Atrion Corporation (ATRI) develops and manufactures ophthalmology, cardiovascular, and fluid delivery devices primarily for medical applications in the United States and internationally. The company manufactures soft contact lens storage and disinfection cases; and the LacriCATH line of balloon catheters used in...
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MediWare: Profiting From Government Healthcare IT Stimulus

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC Mediware Information Systems (MEDW) Share Price: $11.75 Intrinsic Value: $15.50 Buy Below: $12 Business Description & Background: Mediware designs, develops and markets software solutions targeting specific processes within healthcare institutions. Software products are sold to hospitals, long-term care and behavioral health facilities, and stand-alone blood and plasma donation centers and...
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Having the ‘Driving’ Conversation With Older Clients, or Their Parents

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA Over the past few months, I have noticed many articles in newpapers, magazines and trade publications addressing the question of  when the appropriate time is to “take away the keys” from parents, spouses or a friend. Your clients may be facing these questions, for themselves or their parents or other...
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Starting the ‘Conversation’ With Aged Parents: A Financial Geriatric Tip

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA There comes a time when we, or our clients, need to have “the conversation” with our parents. The most frequent topics that come up are about changes in health that will affect their lifestyle, driving, personal appearance, “senior moments,” managing finances and home safety, to name just a few. For...
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