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IRS Raises Deductibility Limits for Long Term Care Insurance

Even though there is no COLA for Social Security benefits in 2011, the IRS has raised the deductibility limits for long term care policies purchased in 2011. The premiums you pay for your long term care insurance are deductible as itemized medical expenses (subject to the 7.5% AGI threshold) based on your age at the...
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Fourth Quarter 2010 Market Review & Outlook

Steven Roge, CFMC Our investment thesis laid out this time last year was one of caution. We were receiving mixed signals from the market and economies. On one hand equity markets were coming off one of the best years in its history in 2009 and fixed income markets were hitting new highs too. The economy...
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Nathan’s Famous: This Dog’s Got Legs To Run

Steven Roge, CFMC NATH is a tiny company that owns one of the most well-known consumer staple brands in the Northeast, and is the #1 selling premium hot dog in the U.S.. NATH is flush with cash, trading at low valuations, and management is buying back shares. We believe this is a recipe for success...
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FinishMaster’s Future Looks Bright

Steven Roge, CFMC FinishMaster, Inc., an Indiana corporation, is the leading national independent distributor of automotive paints, coatings and related accessories to the $2.5 billion U.S. automotive paint refinishing market. FinishMaster offers its collision repair, automotive dealership, and fleet operator customers a full line of brand-name products from leading manufacturers such as BASF (BASFY.PK), DuPont...
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Help for Clients Who Want Age in Place on Taxes, Technology and Medication

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA In our search to address the issues for our clients and our own families of living to a ripe old age, remaining in the homestead is a topic that comes up frequently. For most of our families, home is where the heart is; it is also where many of our...
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The Case for a Healthcare Advocate,Part III Navigating the Medicare Maze

Rosanne Roge As a follow-up to my previous posts on appointing a HealthCare Advocate (URL) to assist with insurance company interactions, and a second post on the documents (URL) that the Advocate and the client will need to keep on hand, I decided to conduct some additional research with a focus on individuals covered by...
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Special Situations Investing

Steven Roge, CFMC Word has it traditional buy-and-hold investing has fallen out of favor as investors have become increasingly frustrated with the market’s gyrations and largely sideways performance. The most recent data show that frazzled investors have generated net inflows into money market and related instruments (such as bank CDs) in July and August despite...
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The Case for a Healthcare Advocate: The Financial Gerontologist Blog

Rosanne Roge Today, we gather information from the Internet, newspapers, magazines and other periodicals. Typically, we just reach for the telephone. There are, however, some contemporary challenges that come with using this venerable device. Whether we are calling about insurance coverage (health or property and casualty), credit card information (stolen cards, limits and payments) or...
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The Financial Gerontologist: A Little Known Veteran’s Benefit

Rosanne Roge As a former Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserves, there is a special place in my heart for our wartime veterans. After all, the reason I have the freedom to write this blog posting, where I will focus on financial gerontology, and do everything else I want to do is because of the...
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