WealthConnection® 401(k)

WealthConnection® 401K Planning Service
Employers, is your company’s 401(k) plan:

  • Underperforming
  • Exposing you to unnecessary liabilities
  • Fee and expense transparent
  • Advised by a fiduciary

As a service of R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc., we can review your current plan and provide a side-by-side comparison to our WealthConnection® 401(k) program, delivering an independent opinion on the improvements you can expect.

Through the WealthConnection® Comprehensive Due Diligence Process we:

  1. Analyze your companies 401(k) retirement plan and provide proactive advice to find the best solutions, investment options, and monitoring for your plan participants.
  2. Continuously monitor your 401(k) investment selections to ensure that they are appropriate for your employees and compliant with your investment policy and regulatory rules and policies.
  3. Provide advice on selecting the best fit Third-Party Administrator (TPA) for your business and employees.
  4. Review your Investment Policy Statement (IPS), plan documents, and recent investment reports.
  5. Perform a qualitative and quantitative investment and fee review.
  6. Review asset classes for overlap, omissions and make appropriate adjustments.
  7. Establish criteria for monitoring, selecting funds, and controlling expenses and plan administration.
  8. Monitor performance of selected investments through our proprietary due diligence process.
  9. Make changes to investments when warranted.
  10. Conduct an annual review of plans and plan fees.

Benefits of WealthConnection® include:

  • Sharing fiduciary obligations with a fee-only, fiduciary advisor.
  • Lower-cost investment options that have undergone our unique ResearchEdge® Due Diligence Process.
  • Monitoring of TPA fees and services.
  • One-on-one employee education and access to our risk-tolerance questionnaire.

Our experienced team of professionals and proven ongoing due diligence process are at the heart of our WealthConnection®401(k) service. In addition, we can also provide, under a separate service offering, exceptional personalized wealth management services to owners and key executive employees.

Our opinions are objective because – unlike stockbrokers and insurance agents who sell 401(k) plans along with their products – we are a true fiduciary and a “fee-only” advisory firm. We do not sell products, earn commissions, accept referral fees, or earn money in any other way that could potentially be contrary to your interests.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Objectivity. We are “fee-only” fiduciary and independent.
  • Diversification. Reduces asset class risk, but we also believe in selectively exploiting asset class opportunities.
  • Discipline. Based on rational and evidence-based process. This mitigates inadequate decision making and emotionally based decision errors.
  • Access. Exceptionally in-depth research with direct access to highly skilled managers.
  • Flexibility. Customizing all aspects of educating employees on the investment selections.
  • Risk Adjusted Portfolios. As part of our offering we provide risk adjusted portfolios that employees can select and eliminate the agony of trying to build a globally allocated balanced and well diversified portfolio on their own.

For a no obligation, side-by-side comparison of your current 401(k) plan and our WealthConnection® 401K plan, please contact us at 631.218.0077 or at info@rwroge.com.

You can also send us a message by clicking here.

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