Longevity – Is Planning to Age 100 Enough?

By Ronald W. Rogé  Chairman & CEO  Last week I was in my dentist’s waiting room and looked down at his table full of magazines and spotted the cover of the May 2013 issue of National Geographic. The cover said: “This baby will live to be 120*”  “It’s not hype, new science could lead to...
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7 Tax Planning Strategies for Orthopedic Surgeons to Consider | By: Laura Miller

February 7, 2013     Here are eight tax planning strategies for orthopedic surgeons post-Bush Tax Cuts. 1. Tax rate and deductions. The expiration of Bush Tax Cuts at the beginning of 2013 and other initiatives going into affect at the beginning of this past year have an impact on the financial situation of many...
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February 1, 2013       REMEMBER THE MOVIE, “The French Connection”? It was on TV the other day and I noticed it came out in 1971. I did some quick math and realized that was over 40 years ago. I mentioned it to my wife, Rosanne, and she said I had to be wrong....
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Live Life to the Fullest: What’s Your Answer?

Getting To Know Someone: Part 1 I have been fascinated by the fact that we all grow up inside our own family models. By models I mean experiences and familiarity, what seems normal to our family and friends. Unless someone tells us about an experience they had that was not part of our families model,...
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