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Live Life to the Fullest: What’s Your Answer?

Egyptian Vacation
Rosanne and Ron in Egypt

Getting To Know Someone: Part 1

I have been fascinated by the fact that we all grow up inside our own family models. By models I mean experiences and familiarity, what seems normal to our family and friends. Unless someone tells us about an experience they had that was not part of our families model, we would probably never experience anything other than that which was known inside our family model. Therefore, I believe each person’s life is truly a classroom for others. So in the spirit of teaching one another, I have decided to experiment and start a section in our newsletter that will be dedicated to learning about the lives of others. Think of it as a lifestyle section but with a purpose of connecting with the “Live” part of our Plan, Achieve, and Live philosophy.

The idea for this column came from a column I loved reading called “The Perfect Weekend” in the Financial Times magazine “How to Spend It.” They stopped writing the column several years ago and I miss it. I found it very interesting to get to know what other people consider relaxation and how they rejuvenate themselves. They wrote mostly about famous European designers, chefs, professionals. I also love to read interviews about ordinary people who are interesting in some way.

Recently I decided that as a financial advisor, we don’t write enough about people who have mastered having a good balance in their life. I am always interested in how people live and love it when they are willing to share that with others.

Interview with Ron Rogé: Part I

August 10, 2012 

If you did not live on Long Island the place you would choose to live would be? Italy. I’ve been to Italy many times and I feel very much at home there. The people, food and history are all of interest to me. This is probably due to the fact that I was raised primarily by my Italian grandmother.

You are currently a Financial Advisor. If you weren’t doing what you currently do, what would you choose to do? I love what I am currently doing. If I were to work in another profession, it would have to provide me with the ability to share knowledge that is useful and impactful on one’s life. That’s because I am always learning and want to share what I’ve learned, so perhaps a journalist, writer or teacher. Maybe even a philosopher, although I have not seen any “help wanted” ads for philosopher in my lifetime.

Tell us about an unforgettable place you have travelled? Egypt. Roe and I had the opportunity to visit Cairo and Alexandria, Egypt in 2008. I love ancient history and it does not get more ancient than the Pyramids, Sphinx and the Cairo Museum. We were actually able to touch some of Tutankhamen’s objects like his chariots and his walking sticks. I love being able to connect with the past, probably because so much of my working day is involved with planning for the future. We also were able see the mummy’s of famous Pharaohs. While observing Ramses II our friend Marty Silvestri, who we met on this vacation, said – “Hey Ron, do you realize that we are looking at the guy who spoke to Moses? That just blew my mind.

Have you traveled to an unforgettable place in the past year? Yes. There were several, but 10 days at Villa Laura in Cortona, Tuscany was very special. This was the villa that was used to film the movie “Under the Tuscan Sun.” We did not know this until we got to the villa and were told that we would be staying in the bedroom, used in the movie, by actress Diane Lane. And when Roe opened the shutters there it was, the wall that ran along the road, where the old man left a bouquet of flowers every day. That was very special to Roe. The villa and the grounds were gorgeous.

What’s the one place that inspires you? Actually it’s not a place. I get inspired by big ideas. The wonders of the ancient world are all inspiring to me. For example, the Pyramids of Egypt, the ancient town of Ephesus in Turkey, where there is an amphitheater that could seat over 50,000 people, the Colloseum in Rome, the Mayan Pyramids are all inspiring to me. To realize that this was once someone’s idea, that took a tremendous amount of intelligence, cooperation, effort and material to build, when there was no modern day machinery, is inspiring. I even get inspired by the buildings in New York City. To think that the Empire State Building was constructed in just 13 months is incredible.

Tell us about memorable people you have met in your travels? We have met so many memorable people in our travels. One relationship that continues to grow is with our dear friends John and Sherry Cross from the United Kingdom (UK). I met John about 10 years ago in Toronto, Canada while attending The Strategic Coach, a personal coaching program I have been attending every quarter for the past 15 years. John met Rosanne on one of those trips and decided that his wife Sherry and Roe were very compatible and would enjoy each other’s company as much as John and I enjoy each other’s company. The rest is history. Most people think that Sherry and Roe are sisters. John and Sherry used to stay with us every quarter before attending The Strategic Coach. One day they decided that they liked Long Island so much they purchased their own home in our community. We often plan to vacation together because our relationship is so easy with one another and we respect and appreciate each other. John is always looking to do something memorable. His favorite saying is – “You can’t price a memory.”

What was the best souvenir you brought home from a vacation or trip? I usually don’t buy anything for myself. I like to bring home a piece of the place. I have very small marble chips from Pompeii, Herculaneum, The Acropolis and Ephesus. I have a small square marble that was used in flooring in a villa in Pompeii. To think that someone had to hold that in their hand before 79 AD to make the marble chip, then an artisan had to hold it to install it in a mosaic design just connects me with the past. I also tend to take a lot of photos when we travel. These are my souvenirs.

Where is your favorite place (City, Neighborhood) to shop? Bloor Street in Toronto. I love the book stores in Toronto. They are just different and they allow dogs in all the stores. Roe and I comment on how well behaved the dogs are in Toronto. I also like shopping on Michigan Avenue in Chicago.

Tell us about the most unusual and out of character thing you have ever done? I am really not an outdoor adventurous person. My wife Roe is. We went fly fishing in a raging river in Whistler, Canada. We did not realize how dangerous this could be until we were in the river with the guide who said, “Don’t lose your footing because if you fall, you’ll get dragged under and no one will be able to rescue you.” The water was moving so fast the three of us had to hold on to one another and walk sideways because if you tried to face the current it would knock you over. Roe, to her delight caught a Dolly Varden (type of Atlantic Char). To my delight we got out of the river alive.

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