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Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Facts

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director A required minimum distribution (RMD) is the amount that traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owners, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans, and other qualified plan participants, such as 401(k) plan participants, must begin taking from their retirement accounts. This must be done by April 1 following the year...
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Protecting Your Investments from Conflicts of Interest

By Kelley Caponigro Assistant to the Chairman & CEO While many investors may not be aware of the Department of Labors (DOL) six-year battle to establish a fiduciary standard for anyone providing investment advice on retirement accounts, they are surely aware that President Donald Trump has issued a memorandum aimed at delaying these efforts. On...
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Social Security

A Small Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security Benefits in 2017

By Rosanne Rogé, CFP®, CSA, RFGsm Managing Director If you have noticed a small dip in your Social Security payments recently, you are not alone. Based on the increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), the recipients of Social Security Benefits will be receiving a small Cost of...
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Client Stories 2016: The Importance of a Financial Dream Team

Although some people prefer to have their trusted advisors work independently from one another, amazing things can happen when professionals come together for the well-being of their client. Allowing your financial advisor, accountant, and estate planning attorney to collaborate can often lead to a stronger support system and additional money saved. Such was the case...
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