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Aging and Finances

The Impact of Aging on Financial Decision Making

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director Although we are all living longer, healthier lives, studies show that cognition tends to regress with age. One study recently confirmed that declining cognition is associated with significant decrease in financial literacy, and can impact overall financial decision making.1 Additional research proved that by age 60 our...
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Facts and Figures

Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Facts

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director A required minimum distribution (RMD) is the amount that traditional Individual Retirement Account (IRA) owners, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plans, and other qualified plan participants, such as 401(k) plan participants, must begin taking from their retirement accounts. This must be done by April 1 following the year...
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Top Resources for Caregivers Update

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director A lot can change in two years, especially in terms of technological advances. Although many of the caregiving resources we compiled back in August 2015 are still viable today, there are some new players to the caregiving game. We have put together an updated list, complete with...
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Social Security

A Small Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security Benefits in 2017

By Rosanne Rogé, CFP®, CSA, RFGsm Managing Director If you have noticed a small dip in your Social Security payments recently, you are not alone. Based on the increase in the Consumer Price Index for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W), the recipients of Social Security Benefits will be receiving a small Cost of...
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We Need to Talk …

By Rosanne Rogé, RFG, CSA, CFP® Managing Director Throughout life, there are many difficult parent-child conversations. Perhaps the most difficult are the conversations that take place between an aging parent and an adult child. It’s best not to enter into these important conversations blindly, so we’ve put together some helpful hints and resources on how...
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Home Safety Tips

Home Safety Tips

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director A friend of mine recently became a caregiver and asked me about some important items to address in the home that would help to create a safer environment for her parents.  I put together a list of the following tips, which have been broken down by room...
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certified financial planner

Managing the Aging Process

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director We have all heard the anonymous quote, “Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied by many.” While it’s true that growing old is a blessing, the aging process – especially in the later years – can be difficult to navigate. Over the past 29...
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Fee Only Fiduciary

Top Resources for Caregivers

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA. RFG, CFP® Managing Director Although caregiving is a complicated and stressful responsibility, help for caregivers has come a long way in the last few years. With an influx of resources and major advances in technology, we envision a bright future for the aging process and for the mission of providing top...
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Caregiving: Where to Turn For Help

  By Rosanne Rogé, CFP®, CSA®, RFGsm In 1970, the average life expectancy in the United States was 70.  In 2012 it reached a record high of 78.8.  Women, specifically, average 81.2 and men average 76.4.  Regardless of gender or current age, we’re living longer more active lives than ever before, and the aging population...
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