Caregiving: Where to Turn For Help


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By Rosanne Rogé, CFP®, CSA®, RFGsm

In 1970, the average life expectancy in the United States was 70.  In 2012 it reached a record high of 78.8.  Women, specifically, average 81.2 and men average 76.4.  Regardless of gender or current age, we’re living longer more active lives than ever before, and the aging population is on the rise.

As financial planners, we are constantly looking for resources for those hard-working caregivers who have been tasked with nurturing the senior community.  Caregiving can be a rewarding and simultaneously challenging responsibility.  It’s not always clear where to turn for assistance or where to find guidance when making critical decisions.  We’ve done the leg work and found some excellent resources for you to consider in your time of need.

  • An article in Newsday by Peter King mentioned “the invisible army,” which is comprised of those individuals who are the front-line caregiver for a family member.  This term was created by Robert Bornstein and his wife, Mary Languirand.  They wrote a book entitled “When Someone You Love Needs Nursing Home, Assisted Living or In-Home Care: The Complete Guide.”  This book is a training manual for those seeking guidance.  It provides valuable information for those who need to make a decision as a result of a crisis or for those who want to be prepared in case of the “eventuality.”
  • Seniors for Living is a detailed resource for researching, evaluating and comparing senior housing options.  It offers information on independent living, assisted living, Alzheimer’s care and Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC).  Our firm has used this site for research and found it to be extremely helpful.
  • The mission of Family Caregiver Alliance is to “improve the quality of life for caregivers and those they care for through information, services and advocacy.”  This site is packed with caregiver education, research, support groups, and articles on current events and common caregiving issues.
  • is one of the most extensive Web sites developed for, about, and by caregivers.  Caregiver Media Group was founded in 1995 and is the producer of the “Fearless Caregiver Conferences,” and Today’s Caregiver magazine.  The Web site offers newsletters, online discussion lists, and much more; this site has everything.
  • Also, there are Certified Senior Advisors (CSA®) and Registered Financial Gerontologists (RFGSM) who are qualified to assist.  Gerontology is defined as a multidisciplinary specialty which focuses on the needs of the aging population and their families. From personal experience, after taking care of my mother for more than 10 years, I became interested in this field of study and now hold both CSA® and RFGSM designations. I understand the concerns, questions and thoughts running through the mind of a caregiver, and hope to share what I have learned.

These are a few of the many resources available for caregivers to utilize. Please know you are not alone in your efforts. The more you reach out for help, the more comfortable you will feel.

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