As you probably know, I like to write to communicate my thoughts.  However, recently I have been suffering from writer’s block.  I think it’s because I am in observation mode about the economy, government policy and business; trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Everywhere I go I ask business owners, “How’s business?” The...
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Pandemic of Uncertainty

As we have been writing for almost two years now, we expect the global economic recovery to be a slow process marked by occasional periods of extreme volatility. Our friends at PIMCO, the world’s largest bond manager, have named this “The New Normal.” The new normal is an economy that is in the process of...
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No Place to Hide

It’s been a while since we have seen the devastating market action that we have experienced these past few months. As advisors who council our clients to do the right thing, its very upsetting to see the value of our homes and portfolios depreciate as much as they have this past year. With the exception...
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FDIC and SIPC Provide Basic Investment Protection

The publicity generated by the liquidation of California-based IndyMac Bank – one of the nation’s largest savings & loans with $32 billion in assets – along with recent headlines focused on the Bear Stearns bailout and problems with mortgage giants Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac serve to underscore the fragile state of the nation’s financial infrastructure. Understandably,...
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There’s an old saying on Wall Street that markets can live with good news and they can live with bad news, but they can’t live with uncertainty. There’s an awful lot of uncertainty on Wall Street these days and that’s why there’s so much volatility in the markets. That uncertainty is derived from a number...
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To Hedge or Not to Hedge?

The current vogue for hedge funds has caused this once arcane corner of the investment world to grow exponentially, doubling its assets under management in the last five years to about $1.4 trillion spread among 9,200 funds. Hedge funds once required you to be rich and put up big bucks to get in. Due to...
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