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Estate Planning


Client Stories 2016: The Importance of a Financial Dream Team

Although some people prefer to have their trusted advisors work independently from one another, amazing things can happen when professionals come together for the well-being of their client. Allowing your financial advisor, accountant, and estate planning attorney to collaborate can often lead to a stronger support system and additional money saved. Such was the case...
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Financial Planning: Should You Do It Yourself?

By Kelley Caponigro Assistant to the Chairman & CEO “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.” Red Adair, American Oil Well Firefighter (1915-2004) Google the words “Do It Yourself” and your screen will flood with articles and videos about building outdoor furniture, fixing leaky faucets, and crafting...
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First Quarter 2016 Review

First Quarter 2016 Review The market got off to a rocky start this year with equities down over 10% at one point, only to end the quarter up just over 1%. Concern over the pace of the Federal Reserve interest rate increases, declining oil prices, The United Kingdom’s potential exit from the European Union, and...
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4 Things Advisors and Dentists Have In Common

By Kelley Caponigro Assistant to the Chairman & CEO When you hear “Financial Advisor,” you certainly don’t simultaneously think, “Dentist.” Nor do you hear “Dentist” and think “Financial Advisor.” However, the two professions have similar qualities and conundrums. Outlined below are just four similarities that dentists and financial advisors have in common. 1. To Be...
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401k Planning Long Island

Business Owners Can Put More Away for Retirement. Here’s How …

By: Jeff Roberto, CFP®, CMFC®, MBA As a business owner, did you know that you could put more money away into your retirement plan? Contributing the maximum amount to your 401(k) is the right thing to do, but perhaps it’s not enough to meet your retirement goals. You can contribute even more to your 401(k)...
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Facing Your Financial Fears

By: Kelley Caponigro Assistant to the Chairman & CEO With Halloween quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to sit around the virtual campfire, and talk about certain aspects of finance that some folks find particularly spooky. Don’t be too frightened though! We’ve also come up with solutions for these scary situations to help...
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Rosanne Rogé to Participate in Bob Veres’ Insider’s Forum Conference

We are pleased to announce that Managing Director, Rosanne Rogé, CFP®, RFG, CSA, will be speaking on a panel titled, “Real World Planning Challenges (and Solutions) for Client Longevity,” on Tuesday, September 29, 2015, at the Insiders Forum in Chandler, AZ.  She will present new planning challenges related to longevity, as well as advances in...
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Managing the Aging Process

By Rosanne Rogé, CSA, RFG, CFP® Managing Director We have all heard the anonymous quote, “Do not regret growing older; it is a privilege denied by many.” While it’s true that growing old is a blessing, the aging process – especially in the later years – can be difficult to navigate. Over the past 29...
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Four Common Financial Concerns and Solutions

By Kelley Caponigro Assistant to the Chairman & CEO It can be easy to overlook your financial future when you’re busy living your life.  However, it is important to consider how you want your life to look down the road, and how to turn that vision into a reality by planning strategically.  Here are some...
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