Financial Wellness Unveiled: Perspectives from CFP® Professionals

By Kelley Muhsemann
Marketing Manager

We’re kicking off 2024 by celebrating Financial Wellness Month! Instead of providing you with various tips and tricks on how to set forth and achieve financial wellness – we’ve decided to look inward and reflect as fee-only financial advisors to answer the question:

What does “Financial Wellness” mean to us?

We asked our team of Certified Financial Planner (CFP)® professionals, and here’s what they revealed:

“Financial wellness is about helping our family of clients achieve balance and security while still providing realistic strategies and advice. It’s about going beyond just numbers on a balance sheet to encompass a holistic approach to managing money. It means ensuring our clients have a solid but amendable financial plan that aligns with their goals and values, allowing them to navigate life’s uncertainties confidently.”
Steven Roge, Chief Investment Officer & CEO

“Financial wellness is like a journey towards financial freedom and peace of mind. It involves accumulating wealth and understanding how money fits into the broader picture of our lives. It’s about making informed choices, setting realistic goals, and having a roadmap to achieve them. Financial wellness means having the flexibility to enjoy life today while laying the groundwork for a secure and fulfilling future.”
Rosanne Rogé, Managing Director

“Financial wellness is the ability to live a life not solely dictated by financial constraints. It’s about empowering individuals to make choices that align with their values, aspirations, and well-being. From budgeting and saving to investing wisely, it embodies a range of habits and decisions that contribute to a sense of financial security and contentment. Ultimately, financial wellness is the key to unlocking a future where money serves you rather than vice versa.”
Christine Parisi, Senior Wealth Advisor

“Financial wellness is about creating a path towards short-term comfort and long-term prosperity. It involves maintaining a balanced budget, saving strategically, and making informed investment decisions. Financial wellness is about optimizing financial behaviors and habits to ensure stability and resilience in the face of economic challenges. It’s a practical approach to achieving financial security and independence.”
Philip Brucato, Wealth Advisor

As fee-only financial advisors, “financial wellness” encompasses many different things. Sometimes, it’s having a “progress, not perfection” mentality. Other times, it’s simply having clients participate with us on their wealth management journey and becoming knowledgeable investors with achievable goals. It offers our clients realistic strategies, a personal relationship, straightforward, genuine goal-focused advice, and leadership, as well as the combined knowledge and wisdom of our entire advisory team. Our clients can engage in clear, uncomplicated thinking and progress toward achieving their version of financial wellness.

So, what does “Financial Wellness” mean to you?

Click here to download our free “Financial Wellness Workbook,” complete with a financial health screening, discovering your “Why?”, understanding your money mindset, and a list of year-round financial wellness tasks to consider, and find out what “Financial Wellness” means to you. There’s no better time to prioritize your economic well-being and move towards a more robust and secure future.

If you would like to speak with our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM (CFP®) professionals, we would be happy to show you how our financial planning process can help you achieve your unique version of financial wellness. Please contact us for a complimentary discovery call at 631.218.0077 or at

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