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Staying Connected With Loved Ones


We are all doing our part to practice social distancing and engage in good hygiene habits during the Covid-19 spread. Unfortunately, our senior loved ones are being impacted the most – not just by the virus, but also by isolation. Visitation has been halted at many hospitals and assisted living locations, leaving our loved ones alone during a frightening time.

Luckily, some people are finding creative ways to check in on their loved ones while still practicing social distancing. This includes a loving son who played guitar outside of his mother’s assisted living; a dedicated son who found a unique way to speak with his father “face to face;” and this young lady who announced her engagement to her grandfather through his window. For those who are not musically inclined, or perhaps live a great distance from their loved ones, technology has also provided some excellent alternatives.

In a recent news segment, Kurt Knutsson, The CyberGuy discussed three of the most popular apps for staying in touch with family members digitally, which we have listed below. Whether you need to monitor their health, set reminders about taking medications, or simply want to say “hi,” – there’s an app for that!

Connected Care App
The Connected Care App is easy to use, and has many features that allow you to monitor your loved ones care and well-being. Use this app to organize medical needs, manage doctor’s appointments, medications, medial history, and more. You’re also able to track daily tasks such as breathing and eating and get a sense of your loved ones mood.

Video Calls
Apps like FaceTime and Skype allow you to make free video calls. If your loved one is not tech savvy, CyberGuy suggests, “Ask for someone nearby like a neighbor or caregiver to use their own phone to let the family visit with a video call. The more we show we care, the more we listen to our older loved ones, the better they will feel.”

The Life360 App allows you to easily keep track of your loved ones using features such as location sharing and smart notifications – like if their phone battery is running low. The app also provides crash detection and driving reports, as well as a “Help Alert” button which sends the users exact location to each emergency contact instantly.

It’s important to check on your loved ones, particularly the elderly and those with pre-existing conditions, during these uncertain times. Remember to practice social distancing and good hygiene habits to ensure the safety of your family. Keep in mind that these helpful pieces of technology are available and can be used to check on your loved ones even after the Coronavirus has run its course.

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