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In January 2006 I wrote the following poem titled, “T’was the Night Before Harry’s Retirement.” I paraphrased the 1823 poem from Clement C. Moore’s “A Visit from St. Nicholas” to describe some of the problems we are seeing today with clients who are nearing retirement.

More than a decade later the poem is still relevant and really, has a very simple message: expect the unexpected. Plan to achieve and live your goals. Don’t plan, and you run the risk of ending up like Harry.   

Happy Holidays to all and to all a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

T’Was the Night Before Harry’s Retirement 
By Ronald W. Rogé, MS, CFP®
January 2006

T’was the night before Harry’s retirement, when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring, not even my spouse; 

My account statements were piled on my desk with care, 

In hopes that they would soon support us all for the future, that soon would be there.

Our divorced daughter’s children were nestled all snug in their beds,

As my in-laws slept in twin hospital beds. 

While visions of warm weather and golf danced in my head;

I knew that vision for retirement was already dead,

Because I never planned in my head, that this burden would be mine,

Having to support so many family members at this stage of my life.

I thought someone else would care for them for life, 

Or that others would have already moved on to the afterlife.

I thought my daughter and grandchildren would be living somewhere else,

As I was playing golf in warm weather and enjoying the autumn of my life. 

I wish I had planned better, to avoid this nightmarish life.

But it’s too late now; I’m stuck with this life.

My advice to those of you who will listen, because I did not:

Plan early for the future you want and include provisions for those who did not.

“Happy retirement to all, and to all a good life!”

© Copyright 2006 R. W. Rogé & Company, Inc.  All Rights reserved.

Ronald W. Rogé, MS, CFP® is Chairman and CEO of R. W. Rogé & Company, Inc.  603 Johnson Avenue, Suite 103, Bohemia, NY 11716.  Phone: (631) 218-0077; Website: www.rwroge.com

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