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MicroFinancial’s Potential Is Anything But Micro | By: Steven Roge

February 25, 2013 MicroFinancial, Inc. (MFI) Current Price: $7.42 Target Price: $9.50  Why MFI? Runway for new business remains long and robust Best in-class collections agency within MFI remains hidden gem Conservative management team (leverage only 1:1.1 times) Margins are impressive and sustainable Reasonable competitive moat Proprietary credit software and database gold standard in industry...
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2012 Annual Review and Outlook | By: Ron and Steven Rogé

January 23, 2013 In spite of all the volatility, 2012 turned out to be a very good year. If you were too pessimistic or too cautious, you missed a good market rally. If you are a long time reader of this report, you probably remember us stating time and again that markets climb a wall...
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Six Investment Moves to Make Now | By Ben Levisohn, Kirsten Grind,Joe Light and Julie Steinberg

8/17/2012 Dire predictions of market collapses and economic gloom in 2012 have so far proven overly pessimistic. But what should investors do to continue making money the rest of the year? In January, many expected Europe’s debt woes to spread from Greece to the rest of the euro zone, China’s economic growth rate to falter...
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