Financial Planning for Families with Children

If you have one or several children, whether they’re newborns or all grown up, we understand that being a parent can be challenging, rewarding, maddening, and amazing.

You’re likely very busy, perhaps trying to juggle a career, maintain a household, being a personal chef, butler, and car service, all while worrying about your child’s well-being. Important financial conversations tend to take a back seat to daily routines, dance recitals and baseball practices.

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Our time-tested methods can help take the pain out of financial planning, ensuring a bright future for you and your loved ones. Here are some of the services we offer, particularly for families with children:

Education Planning and Funding

We consider your overall financial health to help determine the best method for funding your child’s education. Our process takes the guess work out of things like 529 Plans, and ensures that you’re making intelligent and informed decisions about your children’s higher education.

We also work with your children to ensure they’re being educated regarding financial matters. When they enter the “real world” we want them to have a basic understanding of things like saving, budgeting, taxes, and other important financial information that they likely won’t learn in school.

Retirement Planning

While you’re planning for your children, don’t forget about your own financial future! Retirement, or achieving “Financial Freedom,” looks different for everyone. Perhaps your vision is spending time with your children and grandchildren. Maybe you’d like to travel the world, or turn a beloved hobby into a second career. Our job is to help you articulate your specific life goals, and create a plan to accomplish them.

Professional Advice

Not sure if you can afford an Ivy League college? Wondering how much it might cost you to have another child? Wishing your adult children would take their finances more seriously? Thinking about how much you’ll need to save for retirement to live comfortably? We can help with these.

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