Budgeting Income, Expenses and Savings

Budgeting Income, Expenses and Saving

Why Budgeting Income, Expenses and Savings are Important

As New York Times best-selling author and radio host Dave Ramsey once said, “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” Budgeting is a basic tool of finance. It’s the equivalent to your doctor measuring your height, weight, blood pressure, body temperature and pulse. Proper budgeting can help you avoid spending more money than you make – which in turn can help you avoid falling into debt. It can also get you out of debt, and help you save for the future in order to achieve your goals.

Whether you’re currently receiving a fixed salary each month, or work independently and have a varied salary throughout the year, learning to budget can be crucial to your overall financial situation. If your ultimate goal is financial freedom, budgeting is the right tool for the job.

Although budgeting is a great way to get yourself out of debt, that’s certainly not it’s only use. It can also help you decide on a financial path; offers control over your finances, and can actually reduce stress and promote a happy, healthy relationship with money. Having a budget in place also offers peace of mind during emergency or unexpected situations.

To help get you started we have created a Budget Worksheet. You can download a FREE copy by clicking here.

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Budgeting Income, Expenses and Savings

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