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Getting Organized

Tax time is over and after searching high and low for the documents your accountant requires to file your tax returns, you keep saying to yourself “next time I am going to be better organized”. Imagine how your loved ones would feel if during a time of crisis they needed to look for pertinent documents such as your wills, health care proxies, life insurance policies, names and addresses of advisors, bank and investments accounts. Well there is no better time than the present to begin organizing your life.

R.W. Rogé and Company, Inc. has just made your life easier. We are providing two organizational tools for you and your family. First there is the Financial and Estate Planning Organizer, which can be found on our website. If you want, we can send you a printed copy of the booklet. By completing this booklet, you are giving yourselves and your family peace of mind. They will be able to find all the pertinent information and have it readily accessible to them. As part of our valued added services for our clients, we will be happy to help you complete this document. Upon completion, you can provide copies of this completed booklet to your family (if you want to) and one to us for your client file.

The second tool for all of our clients is our Secure Client VaultSM (SCV) which is where you access your quarterly performance reports. Your important estate planning documents, as well as copies of your life insurance policies and any other documents can also be scanned into your individual SCV files for safe keeping.

As Ron has written in numerous articles, the key to a more satisfying life is simplification. We are here to help you simplify.

Please feel free to call our office to arrange an appointment to have your documents scanned to your client file and your Secure Client Vault (SCV).

We are happy to help simplify your life.

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