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Web Sites and Other Resources

I’m always looking for information that I can pass along to our readers that will help, inspire or provide some good advice. I found some great Web sites and other general information while reading my Senior Spirit Newsletter, published by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors®.

For today’s active seniors, boarding a cruise ship is a great way to see some of the most interesting places in the world. Today’s cruises are not like those of yore when you sat on deck and just watched the ocean roll by. To broaden their market appeal, the cruise lines now offer a variety of theme packages, such as wellness, sit and be fit and cardiac rehab, to name a few. The sources that I would recommend are a book, “The Fit Traveler: Senior Edition,” by Kari Eide and a Web site called the Fun and Fitness Travel Club (www.fun-fitness.com or 1-800-955-9942). You can also check directly with cruise lines such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruises. These lines offer varying programs featuring healthy eating, education, fitness classes and spa facilities.

A web site mentioned in the newsletter that celebrates “elderhood” iswww.eldr.com. This site is organized by subject matter (such as technology, travel, care-giving, fitness, family and health among others) and lets you browse the site according to your particular interests.

For those interested in tracing their family history, the site to check out iswww.archives.gov/genealogy. This site (for the beginner or advanced genealogy buff) has articles, research aids and lots of helpful information to simplify the preparation for your search.

The Internet and the computer are the principal means of communicating in today’s world. For those interested in learning more about these essential technologies should check out www.seniornet.org. SeniorNet is a nonprofit organization that teaches adults 50+ to use computers to enrich their lives. You can also check out your local community colleges. They usually offer adult education classes with skill levels ranging from the beginner to the advanced computer “geek.”

I would also highly recommend the AARP site (www.aarp.org), which covers a variety of topics, including health, finances, leisure and family. AARP also offers wonderful booklets on care-giving (“Prepare to Care, A Planning Guide for Families”), home modification (“Your Key to Comfort, Safety and Independent Living”) and helping to maintain mental acuity (“Staying Sharp” prepared bywww.aarp.org/brainhealth).


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