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Permit Me To Help You

Financial Geriatrics is not just about money. It’s about saving time too. After all, time is money. Here is a time saving tip for those of us with caregiver responsibilities.

I frequently help my future in-laws get to their doctor appointments, dinner functions and other everyday destinations. Dad and mom both have canes and find it difficult to walk any distance so I always try to drop them off at the front entrance.

At one point, I had obtained a special parking permit to help out my own mother and thought this would be a good idea for my prospective in-laws. I did a little research on our town’s Web site and found that I could apply for a Handicapped Parking Permit, which would allow me to use one of those specially designated spaces that are located closer to the entrances of public buildings such as stores, medical facilities and post offices.

It’s really quite an easy process. The applicant (the person doing the driving) completes the first part of the application. The second part must be completed and signed by the attending physician, who attests to the condition which necessitates the need for the special parking permit.

Be advised that only a medical doctor, osteopath or podiatrist can complete these applications. Chiropractors, nurse practitioners and physician assistants are legally ineligible to certify medical conditions under the New York Vehicle and Traffic Law, Sec. 1203).

You simply submit the application to the Town Clerk’s office and the permit is generally issued within a few days. As a precaution, check the town Web site to see if this needs to be done in person or by mail. Be sure to bring your license with you if you are the one doing the chauffeuring: They’ll check it!

A few easy steps on your part can save many steps for any family member who may need a little assistance in getting to where they need to be, providing a saving in time and effort that will be much appreciated.

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