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The Jobless Recovery

Alexandra Zendrian When business owners get more confident in the state of the economy, unemployment will begin to turn around, says Ron Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Company, Inc. “When they become confident, they will add temporary workers to hedge their bets as business improves. When business owners become very confident, they...
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SIFMA Proposal Falls Short in Protecting Investors, Says Fiduciary Group in Letter to Congress

Wall Street Lobby Seeks to Cut Out Critical Requirements of Disclosure, Managing Conflicts and Controlling Expenses in its Standard for Brokers Giving Investment Advice, Says the Committee for the Fiduciary Standard WASHINGTON, Oct. 20 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — The Committee for the Fiduciary Standard, an independent panel of industry executives, today warned Congress that the position taken...
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Making Sense of Earnings

Stephanie Dahle Another reason for improving earnings is the boost in companies’ inventories and impact of the government stimulus package, said Ron Roge, chairman of R. W. Roge & Co. Going forward, companies will not have the ability to reduce costs as dramatically as they have been, and the inventory replenishment boost will have been...
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The Peacock’s On The Chopping Block

Alexandra Zendrian There are a variety of aspects to consider if you own stock in a company that is divesting or acquiring businesses, including how well management executes this merger and potential synergies that will offer cost savings, says Ronald Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Co. Read More
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The More Confident Consumer

Alexandra Zendrian Roge anticipates most consumer discretionary spending will go toward technology and education. Since consumers are addicted to their BlackBerrys and other electronic devices, an increase in income will likely feed that need. He also sees people spending more on their education as they look for jobs, plan for a job loss or become...
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How To Repay Student Loans Early

David K. Randall “Some student loans have low interest rates relative to everything else,” says Ron Roge, a wealth manager in Bohemia, N.Y. The average student loan comes with a 10% interest rate, while credit card companies like Visa ( V – news – people ) andMasterCard ( MA – news – people ) often levy 15% or more in interest charges....
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Tech to Prosper in 2010

David Serchuck Ronald Roge, founder of R. W. Roge & Company, says tech spending hasn’t really been hot since Microsoft launched its XP operating system back in 2001. He expects HP to be in a good position to benefit from this, courtesy of its $399 laptops. Cisco Systems ( CSCO – news – people ) will also have the...
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Global Finance Industry Is Still Dragging

Daren Donda and Sarah Morgan Last Thursday, the ISM’s manufacturing index fell a bit short of expectations; it reflected growth, but at a slower rate than in August. According to Steven Roge, a portfolio manager at R.W. Roge & Company, the manufacturing index tends to be the more volatile than its sibling, so it’s reasonable...
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What Reversion To The Mean Means

David Serchuk Ronald Roge, chairman of R. W. Roge & Company, agrees that while asset prices do get over- and underpriced, trying to time their mean reversion is a fool’s game. Part of this is because even if people intellectually understand that cycles can take years, emotionally it’s very hard to stay invested when what...
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