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MediWare: Profiting From Government Healthcare IT Stimulus

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC Mediware Information Systems (MEDW) Share Price: $11.75 Intrinsic Value: $15.50 Buy Below: $12 Business Description & Background: Mediware designs, develops and markets software solutions targeting specific processes within healthcare institutions. Software products are sold to hospitals, long-term care and behavioral health facilities, and stand-alone blood and plasma donation centers and...
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Having the ‘Driving’ Conversation With Older Clients, or Their Parents

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA Over the past few months, I have noticed many articles in newpapers, magazines and trade publications addressing the question of  when the appropriate time is to “take away the keys” from parents, spouses or a friend. Your clients may be facing these questions, for themselves or their parents or other...
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Starting the ‘Conversation’ With Aged Parents: A Financial Geriatric Tip

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA There comes a time when we, or our clients, need to have “the conversation” with our parents. The most frequent topics that come up are about changes in health that will affect their lifestyle, driving, personal appearance, “senior moments,” managing finances and home safety, to name just a few. For...
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Apple: Understanding the Steve Jobs Discount

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC Share Price: $346 Intrinsic Value: $506 Buy Below: $354 Apple (AAPL) is a company whose stock receives around-the-clock press and analyst coverage. One would expect a stock that is scrutinized and adored this much to be appropriately priced and have all known elements (news, future expectations, worries) factored in. Then...
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How to Solve the Deficit Problem in the U.S.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought lately about the issues facing our country, particularly the financial dimension of government.  Following the release of the Republican budget proposal authored by Rep. Paul Ryan, President Obama’s subsequent response and the recent downgrading by Standard & Poor’s of our country’s economic prospects, I thought I would share...
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Resources for Caregivers to the Aged

Rosanne Roge, CFP, RFG, CSA As an advisor who has aged clients and clients who have aging family members, I am always looking for resources for those hard-working caregivers who may be in need of assistance and do not know where to look for guidance in a tough situation. There was a wonderful article published...
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Events in Japan and the Middle East

Recently we have had conversations with a few clients about making changes to their portfolios due to the current events in Japan and the Middle East.  Our advice is not to make changes based on current events.  One should only revise their portfolio if their goals or personal circumstances change. A good friend of mine...
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Are You Ready…the New Retirement

Gone are the days when a company would reward a retiree’s long years of service with a gold watch and monthly pension. Today, old-fashioned defined benefit pension plans have been replaced with 401(k)s and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).  These accounts require you—not your employer—to determine how much to save, as well as how to invest...
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GSE Systems: Nuclear Rebound Inevitable

By: Steven M. Roge, CMFC GSE Systems Inc. (GVP), as of March 21: Share Price: $2.12 Intrinsic Value: $3.58 Buy Below: $2.51 Business Description and Background: GSE Systems, Inc. provides simulation and educational solutions and services to nuclear and fossil electric utilities, and chemical and petrochemical industries, in the United States, Europe, and Asia. It...
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