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On Black Friday Sales 2009, Can Amazon Compete With Wal-Mart?

David Grant “It all depends on how deeply Wal-Mart wants to cut prices. It’s kinda throwing the ball up in the air in terms of Wal-Mart and seeing how it trickles down to the other retailers,” says Steven Rogé, portfolio manager at R.W. Rogé & Co., a financial-management firm in Bohemia, NY. Read More
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Unemployment Up Again

Alexandra Zendrian Ron Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Co., agrees that investors shouldn’t read too much into the unemployment numbers. These numbers won’t likely improve soon, as employers will first try to replace their lost workforce with technology and then hire temporary workers before hiring employees full-time. Read More
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Renting From Fannie Mae

Alexandra Zendrian Roge says the housing crisis is a 10-year cycle and we’re in the fourth year of it. “Housing has lost about 30% to 35% of its value and we may have another 5% to go before we see a real bottom,” he says. That bottom may come next year and could last for...
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Dow Hits Another 13-Month High

Julianne Pepitone Steven Rogé, portfolio manager at R. W. Rogé & Company, is more cautious. “Some investors are forward-looking, saying the picture is not as dire as it was,” Rogé said. “But at the same time a lot of money managers are still looking in the rearview mirror at lagging indicators like unemployment.” Read More
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Buffett Bought a Choo-Choo (And You Should Too)

Alexandra Zendrian “It is also about moving raw materials and finished goods,” says Ron Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Co., as more factories will be producing goods in the recovery. Read More
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Time Heals Everything in Quarterly Statements

Paul Lim “Psychologically, a lot of people measure themselves off of the highs,” said Ronald W. Rogé, a financial planner in Bohemia, N.Y. For now, though, the danger is that the market may be entering a period of rising optimism just as the fundamentals sour. Read More
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Banks: Winners and Losers

Alexandra Zendrian For retail investors trying to evaluate investments in the financial sector, look at the bank’s percentage of loans initiated in various areas, such as commercial real estate, the bank’s diversification and its derivatives book, says Steven Roge, portfolio manager at R.W. Roge & Company, Inc. Read More
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Why Is This Recession Not Like Any Other?

David Serchuk Ronald Roge, the head of R. W. Roge & Co., says unemployment should continue to look bad for the next two years, and that the recovery will take longer than most people think. There is a bright side to this, though, if at least one other historical pattern holds true. Read More
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The Jobless Recovery

Alexandra Zendrian When business owners get more confident in the state of the economy, unemployment will begin to turn around, says Ron Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Company, Inc. “When they become confident, they will add temporary workers to hedge their bets as business improves. When business owners become very confident, they...
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