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Goldman The Invincible

Alexandra Zendrian R.W. Roge & Co. Chief Executive Officer Ron Roge sees Goldman performing well this year because the firm is, “creative and flexible in avoiding any new financial regulatory roadblocks that may come out of the new financial regulatory reform bill.” Read More
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Charles Stein Steven Roge, who buys mutual funds for clients, said the ballooning of Heebner’s assets in 2008, when CGM Focus had net deposits of $3.3 billion through August after soaring 80 percent the previous year, convinced him there were better places to invest. “When a fund attracts assets that quickly, we worry about a...
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How To Play It

Michael Arndt Polo Ralph Lauren’s same-store sales are up, and its net income increased 6% in the quarter ended Dec. 26. An impressive showing, but Steven M. Rogé, a portfolio manager of R.W. Rogé & Co., says the stock is too expensive now. At 79, it trades at about 17 times trailing 12-month earnings. Rogé...
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Kraft: is Cadbury the Missing Global Ingredient?

Ben Steverman Size is an advantage in the food business, where economies of scale can be significant, says Steven Rogé, portfolio manager at R.W. Rogé & Co. Size also helps a company negotiate with giant retailers and suppliers. “In an age when you’re trying to sell to the Wal-Marts (WMT) of the world, you need...
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Philosophy Meets Finance In Adviser’s Book

Peter King You might expect a financial adviser to say that the last week of the decade is a good time to count your money. Ron Rogé believes it is an even better time to count your blessings. Rogé, chairman and chief executive of R.W. Rogé & Co., a Bohemia-based investment advisory firm, is the co-author...
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OWNing Oprah

Alexandra Zendrian “Maybe Oprah leaving is another nail in the coffin of the networks,” says Ron Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Co. “Cable has proven its creativity by producing more of its own programming,” he adds. Read More
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Avoid Reverse Mortgages

Alexandra Zendrian “A reverse mortgage is an expensive way to enable one to tap an asset of last resort–their home,” says Ron Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Co. He adds that it should be for people who have exhausted all of their other options and want to remain in their homes for...
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GE Without “30 Rock”

Alexandra Zendrian Roge agrees, but cautions investors that they shouldn’t purchase GE under the illusion that it will offer instant diversification. While the company is well diversified, Roge says, it doesn’t offer complete diversification. Read More
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A Kindle, Gentler Nation

Alexandra Zendrian Ronald Roge, chief executive officer of R.W. Roge & Co., agrees. “It is really an instrument of creative destruction. Out with the old books and newspapers and in with the new e-ink,” he says. Read More
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