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R.W. ROGÉ & CO. Named to NABCAP’s Inaugural List of Premier Financial Advisors

Long Island Business News Vol. 59 No. 37 R.W. Rogé & Company, Inc., is a fiduciary wealth management firm, who offers clients exceptional personalized service and a disciplined wealth management process since 1986, has been included by the National Association of Board Certified Advisory Practices (NABCAP) in the organization’s listing of premier financial advisors from...
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Where Can I Find Unbiased Investment Advice?

Today many people are concerned about where they can go to find unbiased investment advice. Investment advice that is truly unbiased can help individuals and families plan for their future, achieve their goals and live the life they’ve always wanted. If you are like most people, you assume that someone who provides investment advice to you...
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The Known Unknowns: Investment Strategies and the Global Economy

On Friday, June 1, 2012 we had an all day investment strategies meeting. The purpose of this semi-annual meeting is to discuss our current portfolio strategy and evaluate it against the current state of the global economy…Easier said than done. It gives everyone a chance to express their views and have those views vetted or...
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Important Figures for 2012

An integral part of our planning for clients is our continuous monitoring of new thresholds that affect retirement plan contributions, Social Security taxation and Medicare premiums. Listed below are the figures for 2012. There have been a few changes in pension plan contributions for the 2012 tax year due to cost of living adjustments (COLA)...
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Medicare Primer for the “New Boomers”

Medicare Primer for the “New Boomers”, by Rosanne Roge, CFP®, CSA®, RFGSM Well, the Baby Boomers are beginning to enter the Medicare program and the momentum will be building rapidly. This is the crowd born between 1946 and 1964. As of 2011, that would make us between 47 and 65 years old. Currently, there are...
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Why Gold?….Why Now?

At a recent Investment Management Committee meeting we were discussing the importance that gold plays in our portfolios.  Over the past year, many clients have asked if we had exposure to gold.   To their surprise, we let them know that we have always maintained exposure to gold in our portfolios via investments in several mutual...
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Portfolio Strategy

Portfolio Strategy We just completed a series of Investment Committee (IM) meetings to review our portfolio strategy.  We started with a view of the world’s investable capital and how it is distributed.  The purpose of this exercise is to become more informed on the changes to the relative size of the various markets and to...
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The Government Giveth and Taketh Away

The Government Giveth and Taketh Away The GOOD news is that Social Security recipients will be getting a Cost of Living Adjustment beginning in January, 2012.  The raise is expected to be about 3.6% which is a pretty sizeable increase.  This is great news since there have been no COLA adjustments for Social Security for...
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The Real Problem with the Market – Lack of Growth and Leadership

“You will never be a leader unless you first learn to follow and be led” Tiorio Recent market volatility is being attributed to many things.  Some true and others are pure speculation. The problem is not the problem, the problem is that our politicians don’t know how to think about the problem.  So here is...
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