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Financial Planning

Investment Planning Steps

With a seemingly endless number of available investment options, investment planning has taken on an almost mystical quality, turning it into an activity that, for many investors, increasingly involves more faith than reason. As a result, many investors find themselves at the mercy of investment salespeople who charge exorbitant fees to recommend investment products of...
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The Case for a Healthcare Representative

The Case for a Healthcare Representative As originally posted at By: Rosanne Rogé In this busy world of ours we all know how important it is to have timely information in order to make wise choices. We gather that information from the Internet (extensive but sometimes a bit complex), newspapers, magazines and other periodicals....
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Is hiring a financial advisor a sound investment? Here’s how you know.

Everyone knows that making your money work for you is the best way to prepare for a sound financial future. If you lack confidence, though, in how to put your money to work, you may want to hire a financial advisor. Anyone who meets at least two the following criteria should consider hiring a financial...
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Where to Move Assets out of State | By: Michael Fairlie

July 17, 2013 | Long Island Business News When it comes to setting up a non-grantor, non-distributing trust, New York State does not make it easy. Tax restrictions here often inspire high-net-worth individuals and their advisers to seek solutions out of state. Diefendorf Capital Planning Associates found such a solution in South Dakota. “We wanted to...
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A Long Term Financial Plan Anchors us to a Solid Foundation

 2nd Quarter-2013 Review & Outlook    The second quarter of 2013 turned out to be relatively flat with stocks up about 2.9%, largely offset by a 2.3% decline in bonds. For the quarter, large-cap stocks rose about 3% while smaller company stocks fared slightly better. International stocks didn’t participate in the quarter and lost about 1%. ...
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Longevity – Is Planning to Age 100 Enough?

By Ronald W. Rogé  Chairman & CEO  Last week I was in my dentist’s waiting room and looked down at his table full of magazines and spotted the cover of the May 2013 issue of National Geographic. The cover said: “This baby will live to be 120*”  “It’s not hype, new science could lead to...
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2012 Annual Review and Outlook | By: Ron and Steven Rogé

January 23, 2013 In spite of all the volatility, 2012 turned out to be a very good year. If you were too pessimistic or too cautious, you missed a good market rally. If you are a long time reader of this report, you probably remember us stating time and again that markets climb a wall...
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Important Figures for 2013 | By: Rosanne Rogé

December 28, 2012 An integral part of our planning for clients is our continuous monitoring of new thresholds that affect retirement plan contributions, Social Security taxation and Medicare premiums. Listed below are the figures for 2013. There have been a few changes in pension plan contributions for the 2013 tax year due to cost of...
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What is the Fiscal Cliff? | By: Ron Rogé

November 30, 2012 “Don’t tax you, don’t tax me, tax the man behind the tree.”~Senator Russell Long ____________________________________________________________________________ Turn on the TV, Radio or surf the Internet for news and you will likely hear the pundits and politicians talking about The Fiscal Cliff and the urgency for our government to act before the end of...
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